Here is some music...

Lullaby by a late incarnation of Tall - Daniel Thomas, Andy Lepki and Paul

verse G C F C ( on the way back in )

A ( d7 shape ) C ( d7 shape ) Eb ( c shape ) e# ( c shape slide )

chorus G F(+g) Em C F ( g ) D ( g ) D

G/ Bb C/Bb C

Now here are a few Soundcloud dumps...

Carpet Splendour Studio Session by lepki

Carpet Splendour Studio Session by lepki

The Carpet Splendour recordings from 1996 marked the theoretical solar maximum of Tallgroove. The original Demo DAT tape is in the hands of a) the drummer who b) had the world's messiest bedroom and c) moved to India about 15 years ago and was last seen with bells in dreads in his hair, so that's about it for quality. 
Underneath the hiss lie three slightly leaden performances of songs popular with at least 2 of the band for a brief period of time. Guitarist Dan Thomas and Bass player Andy Lepki directed the unpredictable and annoyingly talented Andy Baines, and practically not bothered or there frontman Mark Rimmer.

The right kind of... by lepki

Living in Cinnamon by lepki

my fine saturday morning by lepki

Now this is actually quite recent... Made with the lovely NanoStudio App, on an ipod, on the way to work.