Dec 2008. Photos from Brazil, South America.
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Peru is a large South American country rich in history and culture, but with regions displaying incredible poverty.

The capital, Lima, is an intriguing city, but it's huge gap between fancy shopping malls in Miraflores, and the thousands of featureless breezeblock homes that make up the majority of the city is a little disconcerting. Potentially beautiful, but made grim by shady economic management and political corruption over the last 30 years.

With the world famous UNESCO protected ruins of Macchu Picchu, there is the opportunity to walk the Inca Trail, and take in some once in a lifetime views. The delightful city of Cuzco offers a beautifully preserved starting point, and looks like a South American Prague with church domes and cobbles streets..

Arequipa is also well preserved, but without the same tourist bustle, and itself is a good place from which to explore the surrounding volcanoes and canyons. The cartoonish oasis town of Huacachino is an other-worldly stop off in the middle of thousands of square miles of sand dunes, with fun sandboarding and dune buggy rides possible. Finally, the northern city of Chiclayo has a friendly charm, and unbelievably large market, and has recently unearthed another set of Incan ruins, which vary in scale and gradeur all across the vast country.

  Top Picture : Standard Macchu Picchu Shot
Arequipa Kid by a petrol pump
Inca Cola billboard Huacachino sand dunes
Huacachino Arequipa

Arequipa - El Misti Kids with Llama
Rubber gloves for sale Fish for sale
Fresh fruit for sale Chiclayo haircut
Cusco parade Ince trail start
Andy Climbing Base Camp day 1
Craggy Rocks Porter Inca Trail
Profile pictures Up really high in Peru
Standard Macchu Picchu Picture Photographer at Macchu Picchu
Up in the Clouds Ince Trail Steps
Macchu Picchu Andy Macchu Picchu
Chivay, on the way to flight of the condor Cuzco
Cuzco graffiti Cuzco
12 pointed stone Cuzco
High up in the Andes Craggy rocks
Lima mosaic Lima in the garua
Lima appartment blocks More Lima
Fancy buffet in Lima Buffet decimated
Hi spec and empty resturant bar in Lima Another appartment block in Lima
Lima bus Generous sized pint in Lima
Central Lima old town Lima old town
Lima cathedral Heavy police presence in Lima near the changing of the guard
Skulls in Lima cathedral Inca friendly representation of the Virgin Mary, as a pyramid
Inca Kola Peruvian mural
Fancy cathedral roof Cruz del Sur Bus Station in Lima
Lima garua